Saturday, June 25, 2016

Makeup Looks

Makeup Looks and Makeup Ideas are some of the most exciting benefits of being a Woman!
Hi! My name is Violet Moon, international spokesmodel for various companies around the globe and my favorite pastime is beautifying! I love trying new Makeup Looks and Makeup Ideas on a regular basis. As far as my job goes, it is my JOB to look and FEEL my Best !! I love inspiring women to tap into their self esteem bank and start reaping the rewards of TRULY Loving yourself from within!

My All-Time Favorite Manual on how to get a classic Makeup Look and Makeup Idea from the most beautiful models in the world, try out : NATURAL Makeup Looks .

One of my all time favorite ways to pamper myself is through a BEAUTY DIET, Here is my recomendation : THE BEAUTY OF FOOD :)

The best makeup looks is a look of CONFIDENCE, Inner Self Love & Joy...that will radiate outward and everyone around you will notice your glow and ask what your secret is ;)

If you are seeking a RESULTS-Orientated No-Gym-Routine, this is my recomendation (and I know, I am a busy Wife and Mommy, and with my job I travel all the time!) No-Gym-Routine for Cellulite Reduction :)